Contact us and ask to join this group of enthusiasts who like to learn about the Alentejo while tasting some of the most unique nectar of the Gods


About 2,500 years ago wine was drunk south of the Tagus, according to the ritual of the Greek symposium, as evidenced by the Greek dish, made up of craters and chalices, exhumed in the Iron Age Necropolis of the Lord of the Martyrs' Olive, in Alcácer of Sal, and in other archaeological sites of the Alentejo. We intend to take up the tradition and "drink in company", talking about wine things, exchanging ideas, snacking and, of course, having glasses on the table.


The "Simpósio à Alentejana" aims to promote the history, culture and tradition of the Alentejo. Honrado Vineyards aims to increase the offer of cultural activities in the region of Vila de Frades / Vidigueira, in order to sensitize the population to themes they encounter everyday, as well as captivating "non-Alentejo" people to come to know the Alentejo and learn about everything that characterizes it so much. The secular Cella Winery-Museum Vinaria Antiqua in Vila de Frades, full of clay Amphoras, in the best Roman style, will be the ideal space to receive the guests. On a monthly basis, the "Simpósio à Alentejana" will cover the most diverse topics and you already have an exciting program for 2019 that you cannot miss! Buy your ticket now for the next session in the links below. The purchase is mandatory and ticket office closes 12 hours before the event.

March 15 - Wine, Forest and Civilization

April 26 - Wine and Contemporary Art 



For clarification of doubts do not hesitate to contact us through Facebook (@Cella Vinaria Antiqua), number 911 524 478, or email eventos@honrado.pt

Welcome!We believe in the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.Are you of legal age to drink alcohol in your country?
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