THE ORIGINAL ONE: “Talha” was the first brand to be released by Honrado Vineyards, and it represents the purest values of the Talha wine concept. It was designed to be the most faithful wine to the ancient production techniques, and that is why we like to call it “our original”. The vinification has occurred with the producer's grapes at the end of August, and the wine was kept in contact with the skins until November 11th. Wine masses were then removed, so the wine could age in clay until March of next year, when bottling happens. Available every year in red and white.


Talha Tinto Talha Tinto tras 

Talha Red


Talha Branco Talha Branco trás

Talha White  






THE UNIQUE ONE: The fact that each amphora have different size, porosity and density, causes that the levels of oxygen and the temperature at which grapes are subject to fermentation is different from amphora to amphora. This means that even if made from the same grapes, amphora wines have the peculiarity of being all different from each other due to the unique touch each amphora confers. It is therefore impossible to replicate a batch, which consequently ensures the uniqueness of this type of wine. On November 11th, tradition dictates that the amphoras are opened and the wine tasted for the first time. This is when the producer have the opportunity to taste all of his wines, and in which he usually chooses the best of the year, that usually is only shared with friends and family. Our “Premium Talha” represents that story: the best pot of the year, bottled and numbered as a limited edition.


 Talha Premium Tinto Talha Premium Tinto tras

Talha Premium Red


Talha Premium Branco  Talha Premium Branco trás

Talha Premium White  

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