Bring fun to work and learn how to make crafetd wine while optimizing your team's interpersonal relationships!


2 or 3 day event dedicated to the corporate sector. Bring your team aboard an adventure where together they will have the opportunity to make their own wine while working their collaborators' interpersonal relationships. A 100% artisanal production experience, where everyone will have to get down to work so that together they can achieve a common goal.


At the end, the wine will be bottled and delivered, allowing you to have a product that was the fruit of the work of your team, labeled with your company's brand, and which turns out to be the ideal merchandising to offer your team, partners, or even key customers! Offer this rich experience of collaboration and personal enrichment to your team, and do not forget to save some extra bottles for the company's Christmas dinner!


Only available from mid August to late September. For more information on Team Building programs tailored to your needs, please contact us at enoturismo@honrado.pt or our contact form available here. 

Welcome!We believe in the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.Are you of legal age to drink alcohol in your country?
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