Looking for a unique space that will make an unforgettable impact on your business lunch, book presentation, or product launch?


The Honrado Vineyards offers rental for the Cellar-Museum Cella Vinaria Antiqua: a centennial space with Roman inspirations that in its day-to-day is divided between a Traditional Wine Cellar dedicated to the production of Oragne Amphora Wine, and a Museum dedicated to the preservation of the technique described above. An exclusive space, available for rental by prior reservation, and ideal for the most varied events.


If you are looking for a different space that will make an unforgettable impact on your annual family luncheon, business dinner, book presentation, product launch, private acoustic concert, or even on your birthday, wedding, or christening, send us an email with your questions to parcerias@honrado.pt or contact us through our contact form available here. We will respond to you as soon as possible with the availability and rental conditions of the space.

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